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Our Mission

DJ RockaBell’s mission is to create better and stronger communities by empowering our youth to establish and achieve productive goals for their future.   DJ RockaBell's goal is to offer positive reinforcements to children by offering choices and exposure to clean music, physical fitness and educational goals at an early age.   DJ RockaBell's youth events serve to demonstrate a “no drug or bully policy” while teaching them character, self awareness and family values.   DJ RockaBell's clean, vulgar free events offer children a positive alternative to music, thinking and fun rather than the negative and often degrading music they are exposed to in our society.  Because there are few positive outlets and role models in the hip/hop music industry for our children.  DJ RockaBell's goal is to give youth affirmative options regarding music coupled with educational tools and confidence that will open the door for them to achieve and explore potential future life goals at an early age.  DJ RockaBell's long term goals are to impact the entertainment industry by cleaning up the lyrical content of music that adults and children listen to.
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