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*DJ RockaBell has always loved music, children and pink.    At the age of 12 DJ RockaBell began to throw dance parties in her mom's garage with the neighborhood kids and her family.  A naturally shy young lady, DJ RockaBell began to experience bullying at school when she refused to go along with filthy language or mean spirited behavior.  DJ RockaBell was her own thinker and dressed usually in all pink  (her favorite color).
 *In her late teens, DJ RockaBell began to DJ for children's birthday and social events.  Noticing that many of the parents and kids were requesting vulgar music, she decided to be a child advocate to protect children from the foul lyrics in most songs today.  DJ RockaBell began to mentor kids about self-esteem,  peer pressure, bullying and many other issues facing young people today. This love of music, dancing and a strong focus on protecting .....More coming soon.
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